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Digital Painting – Mothsteed


Tumblr user threefeline created these beautiful things called ‘mothsteeds’. I really liked the overall design, so I doodled one as a practice to get the hang of Krita.

Except that the piece kept getting more elaborate as I went, and I failed to take into account the sheer frustration of experimenting with styles while learning a new program, so a ‘quick speedpaint’ ended up taking around 5 hours spread over the weekend.

Edited Feb 9th 2018 – Upped the contrast to bring the colors out better.


2D – Dolphin dragon

Older piece from 2013. Creature design paired with grayscale experimenting.


2D – creature design – Khimeros

Virtual pet site Khimeros has a feature where users can create custom pets by downloading a lineart base and then painting over it. These are some of the pets I’ve created. (Original lineart by Hillary Luetkemeyer, posted with permission)