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3D animation WIP – Skippy (block phase)

An animation I’ve been working on for my portfolio. The character is one I made for a rigging course at school, and I liked her so much I wanted to do something more with her.

This is the rough block animation, so there’s a lot of detail still to be added, such as the fingers bending, the antennas moving up and down, more animation to the butterflies and a lot of polishing for the timing, but it’s a good start, I’d say.

Made in Autodesk Maya 2018


2D animation project

Project from April 2014. We spent some time going over both Adobe After Effects and Flash, and then we were given a choice of whichever program we wanted to use, and an open assignment of creating either a mini game or a short animation.

Done in Adobe After Effects, about two weeks to rig the characters and animate.