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3D animation WIP – Skippy (block phase)

An animation I’ve been working on for my portfolio. The character is one I made for a rigging course at school, and I liked her so much I wanted to do something more with her.

This is the rough block animation, so there’s a lot of detail still to be added, such as the fingers bending, the antennas moving up and down, more animation to the butterflies and a lot of polishing for the timing, but it’s a good start, I’d say.

Made in Autodesk Maya 2018


3D Game Project – Slobb Jones

Slobb Jones was another school project our class did, an augmented reality game. The school’s official website for the game with images of the final product can be found here:

In the project I was an environmental artist, responsible for much of the modular pieces that were used to build the levels. (Translation; I spent 10 weeks modeling rocks.)

Early concepts I did for the game elements, and then refining their actions and visuals.

Modular pieces used in the levels,

Some more atmospheric props, designed for an “ancient ruins” kind of environment.

3D – Bug

The second major assignment from fall 2012, still working on 3ds Max, was to make an insect-like character. We were allowed to use our imagination freely in designing the bug, so I went in the fantastic direction with it. Compared to some of the spiky, twisted or slimy things some of my classmates came up with, mine turned out positively cuddly.

The reference sketches I started with:

Bug_ref_side Bug_ref_top

And the final product:

Bug_cam1_final Bug_cam2_final Bug_cam2_wire_final Bug_cam3_final

One of the key points of the assignment was for us to render one image that shows the model’s wireframe, so that the teacher could give advice on how to improve our models’ topology in the future. My wireframe image was praised for being very neat and smooth.

3D – Loft

The first large 3D assignment we got in Metropolia in the fall of 2012, was to build a loft type apartment. Program used was 3ds Max. Mostly the point was to get us comfortable with working in 3D environment.

Loft2_SunLight_AO5 Loft2_SunLight_AO2

We did some experimenting with the lights, but I admit I didn’t really get the hang of that. 3ds Max simply has too many settings and moving parts in that department for me to easily grasp.

3D – Karelia College Outokumpu

These are some works I made 2007-2010, while I was studying Game Development at Karelia College Outokumpu.

‘Firedrake’ was my first solo 3D animation project ever, done in the spring of 2008. A simple thing of a dragon breathing fire.

Drake_refvsmodel WIP_rend4 WIP_rend7_fire

In the fall of 2008 we had an audio visual project, where we were to combine real video footage with modeled scenes/creatures. I had the honor of modeling an alien creature for our short film.

Alien_tpose Posetest_fcplm2

‘Siam’ was another personal project of mine. I challenged myself to make an animated character with the lowest possible polycount I could use to achieve a certain form. The character is based on a caricature cat I’ve doodled into my notebooks since I was a teenager.

Siam_collage Siam_lineup Siam_ref_full

In fall 2009 I had an ambitious goal to model and animate a beast & rider combo. When I realized exactly how big the project would have been, I gave up on it, but I did finish the steed. I’m still fond of the design.

Elak_collage Elak_lineup