3D – Karelia College Outokumpu

These are some works I made 2007-2010, while I was studying Game Development at Karelia College Outokumpu.

‘Firedrake’ was my first solo 3D animation project ever, done in the spring of 2008. A simple thing of a dragon breathing fire.

Drake_refvsmodel WIP_rend4 WIP_rend7_fire

In the fall of 2008 we had an audio visual project, where we were to combine real video footage with modeled scenes/creatures. I had the honor of modeling an alien creature for our short film.

Alien_tpose Posetest_fcplm2

‘Siam’ was another personal project of mine. I challenged myself to make an animated character with the lowest possible polycount I could use to achieve a certain form. The character is based on a caricature cat I’ve doodled into my notebooks since I was a teenager.

Siam_collage Siam_lineup Siam_ref_full

In fall 2009 I had an ambitious goal to model and animate a beast & rider combo. When I realized exactly how big the project would have been, I gave up on it, but I did finish the steed. I’m still fond of the design.

Elak_collage Elak_lineup


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