2D – Character study sheet

Vaiho_sketches01.jpgCharacter development sketches. Outfit study, two different game sprite type things, and an exercise in painting without outlines.

I’m very pleased with how this turned out, mostly because in the first draft I drew of this character the colors were all over the place, taking up most of the yellow-green-blue spectrum. Now he has an actual color scheme.

Plus lineless coloring is very much outside my comfort zone, so I feel I have a reason to be proud of what I’ve managed on that front.


Colored character sketches

Sketches for fleshing out character concepts for an original storyline of mine. Working on things like expressions and body language, young vs old etc.

I used new tool in Krita for coloring, and it just might become a new speedpaint favorite. I really like the texture it gives.

Digital Painting – Mothsteed


Tumblr user threefeline created these beautiful things called ‘mothsteeds’. I really liked the overall design, so I doodled one as a practice to get the hang of Krita.

Except that the piece kept getting more elaborate as I went, and I failed to take into account the sheer frustration of experimenting with styles while learning a new program, so a ‘quick speedpaint’ ended up taking around 5 hours spread over the weekend.

Edited Feb 9th 2018 – Upped the contrast to bring the colors out better.

3D animation WIP – Skippy (block phase)

An animation I’ve been working on for my portfolio. The character is one I made for a rigging course at school, and I liked her so much I wanted to do something more with her.

This is the rough block animation, so there’s a lot of detail still to be added, such as the fingers bending, the antennas moving up and down, more animation to the butterflies and a lot of polishing for the timing, but it’s a good start, I’d say.

Made in Autodesk Maya 2018

2D – Queen to a Princess


Said a Princess to the Queen:
“Your Highness, how did you find your happy end?”
Said the Queen to the Princess:
“My dear, stories don’t ever just end.
My story was full of roses
and gilded knights
and bitter tears
turned into fairy lights.
Days spent spinning flax
and nights on the scullery floor.
Dresses made of starlight
and dancing in marble halls.
But after all the threads been spun
the sun will still rise and set.
A Prince and a Princess will live on
even after they’ve wed.
So you see my dear, stories don’t have a happy end,
because it is awful rare for stories to truly end.”

This piece was an experiment. I wanted to do something graphic and clean cut with drastically limited color scheme. I have a vague recollection of seeing fairy tales beautifully illustrated with this sort of black and white imagery sometime years ago, so I rolled with the theme.
The poem to go with the piece was largely inspired by ‘Mother to Son’ by Langston Hughes.

2D – Dolphin dragon

Older piece from 2013. Creature design paired with grayscale experimenting.


2D – Shading exersice – Panther

Practicing using shadows and highlights to create contours. Panther